S Core BFR Occlusion Training Bands

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Please seek Medical advice or consult with your doctor first if you are concerned about using BFR bands. 

What are BFR Bands?  

BFR doesn’t replace your regular workout training but rather enhances it. So, you could have your regular workout routine for your arms, legs, and booty but to get maximum benefits, the BFR bands can come in handy. 

The Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) bands reduce oxygen supply to the muscles in order to pre-fatigue slow twitch muscle fibres and diminish their response to workout loads, but to enable fast twitch muscle fibres to respond quickly to exercise training loads, resulting in faster lean muscle growth.

How Do the BFR Bands Work? 

Blood flow restriction works by occluding blood flow to a limb while exercising at a low intensity. When done properly, it allows blood to flow to the muscle while partially restricting it from leaving the working muscle.

BFR is typically done with low-weight, high-rep exercises, but it produces results similar to lifting weights at around 80% of your 1RM. It also activates fast twitch type-2 muscle fibers in the body, which are normally activated when lifting heavy weight.

How to use BFR bands 

Bands should only be worn for 20 minutes MAXIMUM!! And worn at a 70% tightness please do not wear the bands too tight as you are restricting blood flow. Bands should be worn when lifting lighter weights.

BFR training is suppose to mimic the effects of high intensity training by creating a hypoxic environment.